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Breakout Board for the ESP32-C3-WROOM-02 Wifi Module

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🥳 Update: You can now buy the boards premade from my Tindie store:

Similarly to my previous project for the ESP-12E/F modules, I wanted to be able to experiment with the ESP32-C3-WROOM-02-N4 module. The pitch of the castellated pins on the module makes breadboarding difficult, so I created a very simple breakout board in KiCAD.

Note: throughout this post I talk about the 02 version of this module, but this breakout board would work totally fine with the 02U variant (without the PCB antenna).

After designing the PCBs in KiCAD I sent them away to JLCPCB to fabricate.

Pile of fabricated PCBs
Obligatory pile-o-boards pic

Dry fit test
Dry fit test

One specific option I chose when ordering the PCBs was untented vias. This allowed me to solder the EPAD under the module more easily (from the bottom). Still, I wouldn’t recommend this, and would suggest using a hotplate or reflow oven instead.

Bottom of the board showing untented vias
Note the untented vias

After assembly the boards work great!

Breakout board being used on a breadboard
Breakout board being used on a breadboard

Get the board! #

🥳 You can now buy the boards premade from my Tindie store:

Alternatively, you can have your own boards fabricated from your preferred PCB fab manufacturer using the KiCAD files from Github! The files can be found here:

Hopefully this can be helpful to fellow tinkerers!

Bonus Janky Dev Board #

I made this “dev board” very quickly with parts I had laying around. Features:

  • All the required strapping pins
  • Micro USB connection for power AND programming
  • 3.3V regulator (legs shoved violently into the perfboard in defiance of nature)
  • LED on GPIO4
  • Power LED
  • “Breadboarding area” made of pin sockets

I just slotted one of the breakout boards into the middle “socket” and away I went! I recently used this exact board to prototype a new smart Garage Door opener! More on that in a later post 😉.

A janky devboard for the ESP made using perfboard
A janky devboard for the ESP I made using perfboard