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GARAGINATOR: a HomeKit Compatible Smart Garage Door Opener

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Updated Jan 15th, 2024 ✨ #

Updated Dec 8, 2023 ✨ #

If you are interested in buying a GARAGINATOR you can now join the waitlist!


What is this? #

This device connects directly to many popular garage door openers as a virtual “button” to signal to the opener that it should open (or close).

It pairs with your smart home via Apple HomeKit (or you can use Home Assistant via the HomeKit Device integration - no Apple hardware required!).

Best of all, there is no internet dependency. All network traffic is local only.

GARAGINATOR is powered by a standard USB-C plug and will work with pretty much any regular phone charger or similar charging plug.

The PCB for the device

Why did I create this? #

The company MyQ recently decided to shutter access to its API from its customers. I owned a MyQ smart garage door opener for many years and integrated it into my home automation setup, only to have it stop working due to this API change.

Since I had the skills and the determination to make it happen, I decided to make my own, but with some improvements such as local-only operation, and native HomeKit support.

How does it work? #

GARAGINATOR supports 2 separately controlled doors. Each door requires a pair of wires connected from the device to your actual opener (the motorized unit on the ceiling of the garage).

Additionally (optional but highly recommended) you can connect a sensor (e.g. a magnetic reed switch) to GARAGINATOR to tell it the state of the door (if it’s open or not). This status is also shown via HomeKit in realtime.

The GARAGINATOR in its enclosure
GARAGINATOR is a HomeKit compatible smart Garage Door Opener


Will it work with my garage door opener? #

This will work with any non “Security + 2.0” Chamberlain/LiftMaster openers. If your opener has a simple wall button which is connected via 2 wires (e.g. a dry contact) then it should work. GARAGINATOR operates by acting as a momentary switch via an onboard relay. If you’re unsure, contact me!

What if I don’t want to use HomeKit? #

There’s no reason at all why you couldn’t reflash this with ESPHome. In fact I plan on open sourcing an example ESPHome config for this device (stay tuned).

Is it secure? #

All messages between GARAGINATOR and the HomeKit controller (either Home Assistant or your Apple Home hub (TV, HomePod, iPad etc)) are fully encrypted in-flight as-per the HomeKit spec.

Wifi credentials and the HomeKit pairing code are set by you during setup!

Screenshot of GARAGINATOR in Home Assistant
Screenshot of GARAGINATOR in Home Assistant

Is this the same thing as ratgdo? #

GARAGINATOR achieves a similar end result as ratgdo (control of your garage door) but they work in quite different ways.

GARAGINATOR strives to be super simple to set up, even for non-techies while ratgdo is a lot more capable, mature, and supports a wider range of openers.

How can I get one? #

  • All the design files will be open sourced on Github (soon!) so you can make your own!
  • If you are interested in buying a GARAGINATOR please join the waitlist here: