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This page will allow you to flash different versions of the GARAGINATOR firmware onto your GARAGINATOR device.

Instructions #

  1. Open this page in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge
    1. Chrome-derived browsers will work too, such as Arc or Brave
  2. Plug the GARAGINATOR into a computer via the USB-C port
  3. Click the “INSTALL vX.X” button below for the version you want to install
  4. Choose USB JTAG/serial debug unit (...) from the list of Serial devices
  5. Follow the on screen prompts.
  6. WARNING: If given the choice to Erase the whole device, this is effectively a factory reset and you will need to set GARAGINATOR up and pair again from scratch (most people will want to leave this Unchecked).

✨ HomeKit Firmware v1.3 (Latest) #

Changelog #

  • Fixed an issue where commanding the door to close via HomeKit could cause it to open instead
  • Firmware version number now shown in the captive portal

HomeKit Firmware v1.2 #

Changelog #

  • Initial release!
  • If your GARAGINATOR shipped before 2024-01-31 it has this version (unless you’ve updated since receiving it)

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