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Upgrading a k3s cluster to Traefik 2

Up until 1.20, k3s shipped with Traefik 1.7.x built in. Since 1.21, Traefik 2.4.x has been the bundled version. If you upgraded your k3s deployment from <=1.20 to >=1.21 k3s will do nothing if it detects Traefik 1 installed. So it’s up to the adminstrator to upgrade it. Here’s how I did it in my cluster with some basic examples.

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Kubernetes at Home

I recently converted my Docker Swarm-based homelab to one powered by Kubernetes.

My original goals with setting up Swarm were to fully leverage all the compute and memory available on my two-node setup. Ultimately though, because of shared storage and other complications with hardware devices, I ended up manually scheduling containers onto specific nodes, which totally defeated the purpose.

Screenshot of k9s

k9s in action

Plus Kubernetes is cooler 😎.

The process took about a week of a few hours at a time to get set up. I wanted to write about it here because otherwise I’ll forget everything.

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