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Remote Working: The New Normal?

With the recent surge of companies “going remote” due to the COVID-19 outbreak I thought it might be nice to share some of the things I’ve learned about remote work over the years as well as my current setup. I’m doing this in the hope that maybe it can help someone be more productive in these uncertain times.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to work from home since 2016 when I joined Trello as a Site Reliability Engineer. Making the transition to remote work was initially a challenge and a totally new way of thinking, but Trello was very supportive and set me up with the skills, knowledge, and tools to succeed.

What follows are some of my recommendations for the most important things you need to succeed at remote work (most important first). If remote work truly is the “new normal” then there are some tools and practices you can employ in order to be fully effective at home.

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The Endless Quest to Find the Perfect Note Taking Platform (2018 Edition)

As I have written before, I’ve used just about every note solution around. Unfortunately I haven’t found a magic bullet (yet). This post is really an exploration into the pros and cons for my own personal workflow and this the things I find important when managing notes. Hopefully after doing this exploration I can actually settle on one platform for the long haul and stop procrastinating by switching note platforms and writing blog posts about it.

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Handy shell alias for taking notes

I keep my personal nodes in a bunch of Markdown files inside a Dropbox folder. I’ve used just about every note-taking app there is and ended up settling on this system. It’s served me really well so far.

I have one note at the top level called that I use for quickly writing things down when I’m in a hurry. I decided to speed this up even more with this little shell alias:

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Goodbye WordPress; Hello Hugo

As part of my regular annual website refresh, I decided to take a pretty drastic step and move from WordPress to a static site generator called Hugo. I’ve kept my WordPress install continually up to date since early 2009 and it served me well, but I needed a change. I also went back through the archives and culled all my old blog posts - I only kept the most trafficked and the ones that Future Will might want to reference.

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Transition from glossy to matte UI elements

Something I noticed as a general trend with modern technology (especially in mobile development) is a trend away from shiny, glossy UI elements like icons and buttons to a more flat, conservative style.

Here’s a really interesting discussion I found about the subject on the UX stackexchange site

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Pair Programming - Does it work?

tl;dr - It depends.

Pair programming is defined as the act of two programmers working at one workstation on one task at a time. One programmer enters the code (the driver), leaving the other programmer free to audit the code in real time as it’s being written (the observer). The idea behind it is simple: two heads are better than one. When someone else is watching you, your proclivity for stupid typos and silly programmatic errors is significantly less (forgetting semicolons for example).

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